The Meter Reading Route scheduling was the most concerned problem of The National Electrical Company sub contractor mainly in the meter reading. The Gant Chart model is used to solve that problem, but it’s not enough to solve the resource requirement. By Genetic Algorithm Method used, can make better the resource of the meter reading. Genetic Algorithm is one of many artificial intelligence to make better combination, by adopting the natural evolution, the optimal combination founded by crossover and mutate, exactly like the nature evolution to seek the best chromosome to survive. In this final paper, the solving has shown that less resource was got rather than the Gant Chart method. By the Gant Chart method its required almost a month reading to read all of electrical meters in the south of Kota use of 27 persons of meter marker, but by the genetic method only need 20 meter marker and only need around ten days. The Problem in this research only in computational resource.

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